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Leading Pressure Formed Appliances Laboratory in UK

Hira Dental is one of the most trusted dental laboratories in the UK. We specialize in pressure formed dental appliances. Pressure forming is superior to vacuum forming. It delivers greater accuracy and strength for dental appliances. We provide dentists with leading pressure formed aligners, teeth bleaching trays, bruxism guards and sports mouth guards. Our products help dentists provide their clients some of the best pressure formed dental appliances in the UK. Longer lasting dental appliances that are easier and more comfortable to use are available at market competitive prices. We supply appliances according to specific patient or client requirements. Call now or get in touch here on the website to find out more.

We Supply Dentists Pressure Formed Aligners

Aligners are very important for patients that need teeth rearrangement. Hira Dental Lab provides dentists some of the best pressure formed aligners for each patient requirement. Our clear aligners are pressure formed with very precise finishes. From fitting on your patient’s teeth perfectly to offering long-lasting teeth alignments, our aligners are top products in the country. We have advanced dental pressure forming equipment that delivers great products for each patient case. High strength pressure formed aligners are developed on request from dentists to treat your patients perfectly.

Essential Pressure Formed Appliances for Dentists

Hira Dental Lab provides a range of pressure formed dental appliances for dentists. We are the leading dental laboratory in UK offering quick delivery for different kinds of pressure formed appliances. Our local advanced manufacturing delivers dentists some of the most accurate solutions to their dental patient problems. We specialize in:

  • Teeth Bleaching Tray – Dentists can now get a variety of teeth bleaching trays made from advanced pressure forming technique. We provide bleaching trays in all different sizes, shapes and designs to suit each patient requirement.
  • Bruxism Guards for All Age Groups – If your patient has a teeth grinding habit in sleep or when awake, our bruxism guards are the perfect solution. We provide bruxism guards for children and infants. Also, we provide bruxism guards for adults of all ages as well.
  • Sports Mouth Guards – People in different sports need mouth guards or jaw guards to keep their jaw line safe. We provide pressure formed sports mouth guards in different sizes. Dentists can also get mouth guards made specifically for their patient in accurate sizes and fittings.

Trusted Dental Laboratory in UK

Hira Dental Lab is a trusted service provider in the UK. We are trusted by dentists from across the country. For many years, we have been the go-to solution providers for dentists who need pressure formed dental products for their patients. Our advanced localized pressure forming equipment is able to delivery tailormade specific solutions for every patient requirement. Dentists anywhere in the UK can now get made on request bleaching trays, bruxism guards or mouth guards in specific size requirements. We are able to deliver quick solutions for dentists and can work on digital impressions that are uploaded on our reliable portal system.

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