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fully guided surgical stent

Highly Accurate Guides for All Patient Cases and Implant Procedures

All cases are different. Dentists can perform the implant placement procedure with fully guided surgical stent which is less invasive and least painful for the patient. So, your patients will get extra comfort with fully guided 3D printed surgical stents. Hira Dental Lab provides very precise guides that take into account the best suited angle, depth and placement of the implant(s). Dentists can upload or email us the patient case file with CT scans/CBCT Scan and our professionals will work and do analysis and plan their case and share with the dentist.

  • We provide guided stents for every patient case
  • Place implants at the best suited positions, angle and depth with precise guides
  • Prepare your patient for restorative work in the best way possible
  • UK’s leading dental laboratory offering highest quality guided stents
  • High-Quality surgical guided stents at affordable prices for every dentist’s need
Fully Guided Surgical Stent

Fully Guided Surgical Stent Manufacture for Dentists

Hira Dental Lab is the most advanced fully guided surgical stent manufacturer for dentists in the UK. Our guides help dentists prepare their patient’s case for the most accurate implant placement. Once done, you would be able to load the implant with best possible angulation for crowns, bridges or locater prosthesis. So, partner with us and we will help you to plan your patient’s surgical guide in the best way possible. Our guided stents in UK have been helping thousands of patients get their teeth to ideal possible position. We are a professional dental laboratory offering dentists affordable guided surgical stent solutions for every possible scenario.

Simple Guide

• Stent planning and preparation with Blue Sky Plan
• Suitable for fully guided surgery or pilot hole access alone
• CT scan is required in all cases
• Dentists can send digital intraoral scan or a model will be needed that will be scanned at the lab

Standard Guide

• Stent planning and preparation done with SMOP
• Complete osteotomy and implant placement can be finalized using the standard guide system
• Provides more accuracy and control compared with the simple guide system
• Reduced amount of coolant will access via the tube. So, the standard guide system is suited where more control and precision are needed
• Standard guide doesn’t work with every drill and surgical kits. Please ask us about the implant systems we can work with

Prepare Your Patient’s Restorative Work with Fully Guided Surgical Stents

Restorative work including prescribing and implant crowns, bridges or prothesis is all about setting the basics right. Hira Dental Lab helps provide precise fully guided surgical stents for every patient case. We are the leading dental laboratory in UK offering service for all dentists and clinics across the country. Start your patient’s journey to a fully operation aesthetically attractive restorative work in the best way possible. Send us your patient’s requirement and we will design and manufacture the best fitting guides stents for your patient’s needs.

Blue Sky

This US developed planning treatment software has self-processing functionality that allows dentists to upload both CT scans and STL files. Dentists can complete the process from planning the implants to designing the guide itself.


SMOP is one of the most intuitive planning software on the market. A precise 3D overview is available with wide range of added features and tools. Dentists can also access their account from multiple PCs or devices to share cases.


A powerful implant planning and surgical guided stent design software offering dentists and implant specialists maximum flexibility. ExoPlan is based on the famous ExoCad platform and offers seamless digital workflow with high performance.

Guided Stents at Minimal Costs for Dentists

Hira Dental Lab is a professional laboratory offering service for dentists from across the UK. We provide fully guided surgical stents for every patient that comes across your clinic. Our local high-quality manufacturing also ensures low-cost guides for implants in UK.

  • Guides starting from £75 only
  • Guide print only service starting from £49 only

What We Need from Dentists?

  • Full CT scan or CBCT of patient’s teeth and bone condition
  • Intraoral scans can be used for simple and standard guides
  • Completed dental laboratory prescription form
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