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Natural Looking Durable Dental Implant crowns and bridges for Your Patients

Hira Dental Lab specializes in Implantology and Digital Dentistry in the UK. We provide screw retained and cement retained Implant restorations. Our services include milled restorations from intra oral scans and also from traditional impressions. We can provide customized abutments in titanium, cocr or Zirconia. Materials are selected in accordance with the patient’s requirement and have a lifetime guarantee. We have incorporated Cutting Edge technology consisting of Various CadCam Software & 3D Printers. 3D printing completely eliminated human error that may occur with Conventional Impressions. We have invested heavily into 3D printing and experienced CadCam technicians.
We Therefore offer First Scanbody Free of Cost. We want you to experience the precision first hand and be truly amazed with the results. From Titanium to zirconia and peek , we have customized abutment solutions for every implant connection.

Metal Abutment for Dental Implants

With leading technology and vast experience in digital dentistry, Hira Dental Lab is able to produce accurate implants from digital and conventional impressions. Our aim is to help our dentists provide precise and accurate implant restorations eliminating any Micro-leakage.
We have an excellent team with extensive experience in Implantology, therefore our quality is not compromised in any way. We are extremely Confident with our Quality and services that every restoration comes with a lifetime Guarantee.

Scan Bodies play a Crucial role in obtaining the best implant Digital workflow. Therefore it’s
important that the scan bodies are obtained Directly from the lab. Our lab is then able to
manage Correction factors and nominal values in 5 micron accuracy to prevent microleakage
and tension on the screw (which causes abutment screws being seized or broken). Most of the labs are unable to provide this.

Soft tissue management
Soft Tissue is one of the latest developments in implant Dentistry. It plays a significant role in determining the success of an implant restoration. The growth of soft tissue around the implant neck and its amalgamation with polished Zirconia are the key factors.

Immediate loading for full arch or single tooth restoration
We can do fully guided implant planning through smop ,Blue sky bio or exoplan for full arch
immediate loading or single tooth restorations.

Ti-Base or Vario base with screw retained zirconia crowns and bridges

We are able to use various gingival heights and upto 8mm cementable length in Customized tie bases. These are the most effective and  economical solutions that we  provide for digital workflow and it comes with lifetime Guarantee. This also allows perfect amalgamation of the soft tissue to the polished zirconia, which is not possible with other materials. These restorations also have excellent retrievability and can easily be serviced. This gives them Edge over other restorations. We are able to work with the Tie Base abutments for all the implant connections available in the UK.

Natural Looking Durable Dental Implants for Your Patient

All on 4 or 6 implant full arch cases are managed to the best possible restorative solution according to the vertical height and given situation from the Surgeon.
1) titanium bar with Zirconia suprastructure
2) titanium bar with acrylic wraparound
3) Porcelain fused metal where vertical height is less than 10mm.

Custom Abutments for Dental Implants:

Some difficult and challenging Cases may require custom abutments due to the placement angle of the Implant. Our Highly Skilled Technicians select from the Following abutments after carefully observing the design and location of the implant:
● Titanium Abutments
● Zirconia Abutments
● Peek Abutments


Custom abutments are used in cases to prevent aesthetics being compromised. At times it is inevitable to have screw channels on the labial aspect of the anterior teeth. We design a
customised abutment for such cases allowing maximum aesthetics and functionality. Also in some cases where the implant is too deep.
Titanium Custom Abutments are fabricated for Cement Retained Implant Crowns & Bridges or screw retained in certain situations where implant is too palatal or very close to the contact points. These abutments are highly accurate and can withstand high occlusal forces. Therefore both the dentists and the Patients can be rest assured that they are receiving the optimum restorations.
Titanium custom bars are also fabricated if required in certain situations for zirconia suprastructure.
Zirconia Custom Abutments are the most aesthetically friendly option offering a refined
finish. These abutments are therefore suited where there is high aesthetics requirement
and the implants are placed in anterior segment.
Peek Custom Abutments for Dental Implants
We can provide peek custom abutments for single unit or full arch restoration where patients
demand extremely light weight restoration. One of the main advantages of peek framework is
the flexibility and flexural strength.

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