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Finest Crowns and Bridges for All Dentists Across UK

Hira Dental Lab is one of the most trusted service providers in the UK. Our lab is able to provide highest quality crowns and bridges for your patient’s requirement. We design, manufacture and provide finest industry leading crowns and bridges for dentist requirements. So, treat your patients right with accurate and durable crowns or bridges. Fix their teeth and place materials you’ll be proud of. We recognize the growing need for high-quality selective materials for crown and bridgework. Our technicians are able to design very accurate crowns and bridges from the very best of materials with digital dentistry techniques. Send us your patient’s requirement and we will deliver 100% on it. We are the trusted dental laboratory in UK offering custom solutions for your patients.

UK’s Leading Digital Dental Laboratory

Every case is different. And, we realize that. Hira Dental Lab now provides perfect solutions for every single one of your patients. Our zirconia, full metal or acrylic (PMMA or long-term temporaries or provisional restorations) crowns and bridges provide comfort and unmatched durability through 3D printing. Perfectly natural looking crown and bridgework are available to suit every patient perfectly. We design and develop industry leading digital dental solutions for dentists across the UK in house. Quick turnaround is provided to solve your patient’s problems quickly. Our finest quality digital crowns and bridges have served the country for many years and will continue to do so in the future.

Advanced Digital Dental Lab Scanning with 3D Printed Crowns and Bridges

Hira Dental Lab is one of the most advanced digital dental laboratories in the UK. We have modern equipment acquired from leading manufacturers. We are able to process digital intraoral impressions sent to us and work on them with our advanced dental lab CAD software 3shape, EXOCAD and MEDIT and process them with precise 3D printing, milling or laser sintering and produce best fitting crown AND bridgework.

  • Advanced digital lab scanning and handling of intraoral scanned impressions received from the dentists
  • Advanced 3D modelling systems available in-house for quick finish
  • Accurate and precise 3D printing laser sintering, and milling to ensure best fitments for crowns and bridgework
  • UK’s leading digital dentistry lab offering service for every dentist in the country

We Offer Many Different Materials Based on Your Patient Needs

Modern informed patient demands best materials for everything that goes in their mouths. Hira Dental Lab offers different kinds of materials for crowns and bridges to suit every individual patient requirement. We provide dentists with exclusive quality crowns and bridgework that can give both a natural and custom look on desire. Whether your patient wants a precious metal like gold CROWNS or they are after something more natural, we have a solution for every specific requirement. Also, our dental laboratory provides custom solutions depending on your patient requirement as well. We are the leading dental laboratory in UK and provide:


Crowns and bridges available for all patients. Inlays, on-lays and half-crowns with custom full crowns are available. The Zirconia solution specializes in a natural look and feel with boosted durability and very strong crowns or bridgework. Our zirconia crowns come with life time guarantee. And we keep record off each crown on cloud-based software which is shared with you.

Gold and Full Precious Metals

Suitable for posterior crown and posterior cantilever bridge, the digital 3d printed gold or full precious metal crown is a thing of beauty. Made from precious metals, the gold crown gives a rich look.

Long Term Provisional, Temporary PMMA Acrylic

These are best suitable for temporary restorations our temporary restorations milled through multilayer PMMA blanks for your patient with accuracy they need for a comfortable solution. Acrylic solutions aren’t as strong as some other
E-Max CAD 1


Very natural looking durable e-max CAD crowns are available for every requirement. These are ceramic solutions that give a natural look and are long-lasting as well. We also do smile makeovers with Emax cad veneers to get the accurate shape like Provisionals done by the dentist or lab made.
Titanium 1


Strongest, most durable and milled titanium crowns and bridges are available from Hira Dental Lab to serve all your patients well. We provide dentists with lifetime lasting 3D printed titanium solutions they’ll be proud to serve patients with.

Semi-Precious Metal Crown

Nickel free silver in color semi-precious metal crowns are available. Dentists will be charged an alloy surcharge depending on the weight of it used. Semi-precious metal crowns are perfect for heavy bite or tight occlusion patients.
E-Max Press

E-Max Press

If your patient likes something very good-looking and perfectly natural in aesthetic, the E-Max Press will suit best. We provide finest quality E-Max Press solutions for every patient.
Full Non-Precious Metal Crown 1

Full Non-Precious Metal Crown

Nickel free cobalt chromium full non-precious metal crowns that are silver in color. These are very durable and provide the freedom of use.

Accurate Fitting to Give Your Patient a Natural Refined Look and Feel

Patient satisfaction is very important for dentists in the UK. Hira Dental Lab never compromises on FIXED PROTHETHTICS FIT SURFACES. So, give your patient a feeling of trust and satisfaction with highest quality dental crown and bridgework. All our solutions need:

  • Digital intraoral scanned impression of your patient’s jaw and mouth
  • Completed dental laboratory prescription form

We may also need:

  • Alginate impression for opposing
  • Silicone or wax bite
  • Photos off work before and after to get the best shade match

What Dentists Get from Hira Dental Lab?

Send us your patient impressions and any other requirements. We will design and model your required crowns and bridges to match the requirements comprehensively. We provide solutions for dentists from across the UK. Our 3D printed crowns and bridges are based on digital impressions and intraoral scans sent to us by the dentist. We ensure accuracy with digital dentistry techniques. Get in touch now to find out more.

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