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All-Day Aligners for Dentists to Make Their Patients Smile More

If your patient needs all-day aligners to straighten out their teeth, you have come to the right place. Hira Dental Lab provides digital aligners that are based on your patient’s accurate requirement. Our custom solutions enable dentists across the country to make their patients smile better. We provide clear aligners for:

  • Crowded Teeth – Overlapping teeth or teeth that are too close
  • Overbites – When your patient’s upper front teeth overlap with the lower front teeth
  • Underbites – If your patient has lower front teeth overlapping with upper front teeth
  • Diastema – When your patient has small or large gaps between teeth
  • Open Bites – The rare cases where your patient’s upper and lower teeth slant outward without touching fully when the mouth is closed
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Clear Aligners to Help Regain Your Patient’s Smile Confidence

Hira Dental Lab provides dentists in UK some of the best clear aligners. Our high-tech digital dental lab is able to manufacture very comfortable and accurate clear aligners that bring your patient’s smile confidence back. We work with digital impressions in shape of intraoral scans and produce high-quality clear aligners for your patient’s accurate requirement. Our advanced equipment including 3D modeling and printing produces some of the most accurate aligners for all teeth. So, help your patients improve their smile confidence with industry leading clear aligners in the UK. We are a trusted dental lab in UK offering best products and services for all dentists anywhere in the country.

Digital 3D Printed Clear Aligners to Make Your Patients Happy

Hira Dental Lab is a trusted service provider in the UK. Our advanced dental laboratory is able to work on digital teeth and smile scans and produce very accurate 3D printed clear aligners. Dentists can send us digital scan files and our advanced 3D modeling and printing will do the rest. You will get perfectly accurate clear aligners for your patient’s matching requirement.

  • Send us your patient’s digital scanned impression or the intraoral scans
  • Our advanced systems convert the file into digital 3D models of your patient’s teeth
  • 3D printed accurate clear aligners are produced for your patient’s requirement
  • UK’s leading digital dental laboratory offering service for all dentists

Comfortable Natural-Looking Clear Aligners for All Your Patients

Traditional wired aligners are uncomfortable to wear and look very unorthodox. Hira Dental Lab now provides high-quality clear aligners for your patient’s requirement that are barely noticeable. We provide clear aligners for children, young students and all aged adults as well. Our clear aligners are formed from a thin layer of transparent material that isn’t even noticeable most of the times. Your patients will be able to do their everyday tasks just as usual while our aligners straighten out their teeth invisibly. Our advanced dental laboratory in UK is able to provide 100% matching clear aligners for every case. So, send us your patient’s requirement today and we will provide clear aligners in quickest time with our in-house digital 3D scanning, modeling and printing.

High-Quality Materials for Perfect Clear Aligners in UK

At Hira Dental Lab, we use latest most advanced materials for our clear aligners. Our materials are formulated scientifically to provide quicker, more comfortable and accurate treatment for your patients. In-house manufactured clear aligners from our dental laboratory in UK provide 50% faster results with massively accurate more teeth straightening. We use medical-grade material that consists of thermoplastic. Multilayer aromatic thermoplastic polyurethane/copolyester is used to make our clear aligners industry leading in fit and finish. Our aligners are very moldable and make sure to provide your patients unique confident smiles. Get in touch today and we will provide dentists with some of the best clear aligners in UK.

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